After discovering there was a good chance she was the "World's Worst Friend" (for a variety of embarrassing reasons), Noelle Rhodes went on a quest to discover the good, bad and ugly that Friendship entails.

      She rallied a group of very wise folk who would speak frankly on the subject and had them pinky swear they would share their insight, stories and bleeding hearts on a podcast show. A few brave souls agreed to this endeavor. Hence, "Friending" was born.  

          Every episode is a collaboration of essays, stories, and conversations from voices who have something to say about Friendship.  Despite gender, age, social class, religion and race, one thing is true: We all need someone who will choose to like us and link their life up with ours. We all need friends. We hope you will be our friend too. 


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   Noelle speaks about friendship and loneliness at universities, parenting groups, women's ministry events, and wherever they will have her!  For more information on booking Noelle for your next speaking event, click hereIf you would like to interview Noelle for your podcast, click here:





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