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Important Things To Avoid In A Business Meeting

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things to avoid in a business meeting

A business meeting is a common thing for people whether for business or work occasions. People might have their meetings with their partners or their colleague. However, sometimes people would also meet new people. When meeting a new person, there are several things that people must pay attention to, especially in a meeting. Moreover, there are important things to avoid in a business meeting.

things to avoid in a business meeting

Going through a meeting might not always run smoothly. It might have different opinions in it, arise arguments and more. Sometimes it is needed to get a final conclusion. However, do not let it cause more trouble and make the meeting ineffective. Besides that, there are also other things to avoid in a business meeting.  Here is a list of things that people must avoid.

1. Taking down other people’s idea

One of the important things in a meeting is the ideas, which every idea here matters. That is why make sure to appreciate every participant’s idea and opinion. Do not ever pull down other’s ideas. Not only it would put down their feeling but it is also an impolite thing to do. Moreover, it would cause people to be disrespectful with us.

2. Being a Passive Participant

The next things to avoid in a business meeting are being passive and unmotivated. During a meeting, all the participants must be active and pay full attention to what is going on in it. Being active is not always about talking a vocal voice. Instead, taking notes about the ideas and solutions for the problems inside. These activities would also help to avoid being sleepy during the meeting.

3. Having no Preparation

Before entering a meeting, it is important to have a good preparation. Whether it is preparing the material for the presentation or to learn out about the material. Being unprepared is an awful thing. It is one of the signs that we don’t care about the meeting or the business. This might cause a bad effect not only to our carried but also to project as well. So make sure to be prepared as good as possible.

4. Allowing foods and snacks in

During a meeting, try to avoid everything that might disturb the meeting, especially in a serious meeting. One of the things to avoid in a business meeting is food and snacks. When having a meeting with foods and snacks around, it would distract the participant’s focus. Moreover, when somebody is talking in the meeting and another person is eating. Not only it would distract but also it is not polite and disturbing.

5. Endless Arguments

Having a meeting might cause different opinions which might arise some arguments. However, participants need to immediately solve it. The participants should remain calm and focus on the issues. Moreover, do not use bad words and behavior to avoid fights. Solving the arguments would also reach a closing conclusion for the meeting.

Attending a meeting might not be easy. However, with the help of things to avoid in a business meeting, hopefully, it would help to ease the fear. Moreover, it could help people to be better participants in the meeting.


How To Start A Business While In College Easily

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Not wrong for students if you want to start a business. Moreover, these business results are used for noble intentions. Such noble intentions are like paying for your own tuition so that you won’t be a bother to parents. For this, here’s how to start a business while in college.

1. Choose A Business Opportunity

A student certainly has an obligation to study. That way he can develop his potential to get involved in the world of work later. Therefore, a student must be able to choose a good business opportunity.

If you choose the wrong business, the business can be time-consuming and college can be forgotten.
For that, choose a business that is in accordance with current conditions. Do not let the business to be run in conflict with study time. Because after all education will support success.

2. Choosing The Right Market

Determining the target market is how to start a business while in college. If students can determine the right market, then profits will be achieved easily. Adjust your target market with the business to be traveled.

Therefore, there are many things that need to be considered before determining the target market. One of them is to consider whether the business is suitable for all people or certain communities. For this reason, it is better to adjust the needs of the community so that the target market can become broad.

3. Building a Network

In running a business, it is important to build a network. Although the business that has been running has been considered quite smooth, but one day there will be obstacles encountered. For example, only when customers have had enough of the products offered, it is likely they will reduce product purchases.

Therefore, it is necessary to expand the network so that marketing becomes more widespread. If the network has expanded, then the business that is run will feel light but the profits will increase.

4. Get Around Capital

The most important part of how to start a business while in college is capital. Capital is the life of a business.If there is no capital, students will not be able to start a business.Although capital is synonymous with money, skills and knowledge can also be capital, especially for service businesses.

If you want to start a business, then start to set aside a little money every month to get start-up capital. Or if you have special expertise can hone these abilities.

5. Do Simple Marketing

The most important part of a business besides capital is marketing. With marketing, the product or service offered can be known by consumers. Therefore, marketing must be made in such a way as to be able to attract the attention of consumers. However, for students it is better to use simple marketing and have a minimal budget.

A simple example is like marketing through social media. Social media is one of the suggestions for good marketing. Moreover, many people use social media, so the scope of marketing targets will be wider and easier to do.

That’s the 5 steps of how to start a business while in college. Even though students still have an obligation to study, it is not wrong to start a business. Of course this business should not stop education because education is also important to support the future.


5 Best Business To Start With Little Money That Can Make A Lot of Money

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Best business to start with little money

Most people certainly yearn to become an entrepreneur and manage their own business. However, most people hesitant to become entrepreneurs when they do not have enough capital. Whereas, there is the best business to start with little money you can try.

Best business to start with little money

There is nothing wrong if you choose the types of businesses with little money. Even though you have a small business capital, which does not mean fortunately only a little too. Here are the best business to start with little money but can make a lot of money:

1. Breakfast Culinary Business

If you have cooking skills, then you can start this small business. You don’t need to cook something very complicated for this business. You simply cook simple dishes that have high selling points. For example, you can make porridge, salads, smoothies, etc.

You can start this business in front of your house as a starting point. Or, you can also work with online delivery so you don’t need a physical store. You don’t need a lot of raw materials to cook breakfast. Moreover, you can also use the cookware you already have.

2. Selling Photos On The Internet

If you like photography then you can start making this activity as income. You can sell your photos online. Register yourself at photo selling websites such as and and upload your photos. If there are visitors who want to buy your photos then you will get a commission.

For Istockphoto the commission is 15% per photo and ShutterStock 20-30% per photo. To get the commission easily, you can create an account at PayPal. Then, these sites can send it via PayPal and you have successfully made a profit.

3. Become a Translator

If you want to run this business, you must master other languages fluently. So, if you have a freelance job for translation, you can charge some fees and receive income. The translation can be for documents such as theses, articles, papers or other documents.

You can start looking for freelance work for translators on various freelance websites. Apart from mastering a foreign language, the only capital you need to become a translator is the internet and computers. Moreover, you can do marketing activities to promote your translation business.

4. Property Broker

You can take the opportunity of the property market by becoming a realtor. You only need to look for information about property agent companies that accept freelancers. Then you can learn the commission and bonus system, of course, you also need to understand about a property.

The amount of commission that you get varies depending on the agreement of the property developer and agent company. The amount of the commission generally ranges from 1% to 3% of the total sales transaction. So, no wonder this is the best business to start with little money.

5. Shoe Washing Business

When you want to open this business, you only need to prepare a few needs to clean shoes. Of course, with not much capital, you can already offer shoe-washing services to your customers.

Even though the capital is very small, you will get a chance to get a big profit. This is because many people buy shoes and make it a lifestyle. Then, not many people have much time to care for and wash their shoes.

Those are the best business to start with little money. You also need to remember that you must have the ability to read market needs. So, even if you only have a little money, many potential customers need your products or services.


Top 5 Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs You Can Start Today

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Starting a business at a young age is very interesting and is worth your try. Even though at a young age, you can have a business and also your own income. However, you have to find out a lot of business ideas for young entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in getting into a business, be sure to choose the most appropriate type of business. This will make you more comfortable and feel better prepared to enter the business world itself. Here are 5 business ideas for young entrepreneurs that you can take into consideration:

1.     Make a Handicrafts

Do you have good skills in making various kinds of handicrafts? Or, you might be able to see what handicrafts are interesting and can be sold easily? If so, then this business will be very suitable for you.

You can put out all the creativity in the products that you create. So, you can get a variety of unique and interesting handicraft products. The more unique a product is, the easier it will be to get a market, right?

2.     Photography Business

Being a photographer you can also make as an option to get income. Especially, if you really have a good ability to shoot photos and look for certain themes that are interesting. The income you can get from this business will be quite large because photographer services are not cheap.

If you want to be more simple and easy to get orders, you can join a certain Event Organizer. This is because it usually has a lot of projects and often requires additional photographer services. However, if you want to do this business independently, you can just offer your services online

3.     Open Tutoring Services

If you have good academic skills, then you can also use these abilities to become a business. You can become a private teacher who teaches elementary/middle/high school kids at home. In addition, you can also teach a variety of things, ranging from subjects to art.

You can do word of mouth or promote it through social media. The more often you promote your services, the more people know that you have a private tutoring business.

4.     Be a Professional Typing Services

Many office workers or students are using computers. Therefore, many people must do typing assignments. However, typing certainly requires a lot of time and requires high accuracy. So, many people need professional typing services.

Opening typing services is one of the business ideas for young entrepreneurs. By opening this business, you can improve typing skills that are useful for completing college assignments. Moreover, the capital you need is simple; you only need a laptop or computer and an internet connection.

5.     Design Business

Many young people are now experts in the field of graphic design. If you want to build a design business, you must be proficient in using graphic design applications. You also have to be able to design shirts, posters or banners, business cards, even invitation cards.

This business is very suitable to be run by young people because it only requires a capable laptop. The environment of young people is also suitable for this business because many require design requirements, such as poster design or certain event invitations.

Those are the list of business ideas for young entrepreneurs you should know. You can start a business from a young age, so do not hesitate and be afraid of all the risks. In addition, starting a business at a young age will certainly also have many benefits for you.


The Small Business Tax Rate You Need To Pay

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Having a business whether it small or big means you are ready to pay some tax. For you who run a small business, here are small business tax rate you must know and pay.

1. Income Tax

This tax is compulsory to pay by all businesses, include small businesses. To know how much the small business tax rate for the income, the owner must count the income of the business minus the expense.

Small businesses must pay 21% of the net income. This number is adjusted to the size of income which also concludes which one is big business and which one is small.

C Corporation is still in this tax rate number. So, if you are running a small business make sure you count 21% of your net income then pay the tax as a discipline and legal business.

2. Employment or Payroll Tax

The next tax that you need to pay is the employment tax. Actually, in this type of tax, there is more than 1 thing that you have to pay.

Inside this tax, you must pay social security which is 12,4% of the payroll. If you are self-employed all of this tax is your obligation. But if you have an employee, the employee must pay half of it and the rest is paid by the employee’s wages.

Then you also must pay medicare taxes. For a small business, the tax rate is 2,9%. Then for the federal and state unemployment taxes, the rate may vary.

The federal-state asks for 6,2% for the tax. The employment tax is more complicated than others. Moreover, it also related to more people’s obligations. So you have to make sure that the counting is correct.

A lot of businesses use tax and payroll planner to count the tax for them. So they just need to pay and don’t need to count it by themself.

3. Self-employment Tax

The next tax which also needs to know by a small business owner is the self-employment tax. As mention before, that employment tax is including some different point, you who work alone and earn $400 last year must pay this tax.

The tax is included in Medicare tax and social security tax. It because when you work alone, all effort and income only come to you. So the small business tax rate also must be paid by yourself.

4. Excise Tax

The next small business tax rate you must know is the excise tax. This is a tax included in the product’s price.

So basically this tax is paid by the buyer. But you as the business owner must collect it and pay them to the government.

The tax rate may vary depending on the product’s type and price. Each state usually also requires this tax so you need to update the local tax rules to know how much tax you must pay.

5. Sales Tax

The fifth tax is sales tax. Some states count this tax according to the business location. But some others use the buyer’s location as the basis of tax counting.

To know how much the sales tax you have to pay, visit the tax office. They will tell you if the state is using origin-based tax or not.

6. Property Tax

Then you also need to pay property tax if you run a business anywhere. The property tax is set by the state. So if you are buying a property and use them as a business place, the state will give you a tax rate and deadline to pay it.

Those are 6 small business tax rate you need to know. As a good businessman, you have to pay attention to every detail including tax.

It is your obligation to make the business legal. If you don’t have much time to manage and count the tax, simply hire people to count it for you.


How To Start A Catering Business: The Ultimate 5 Steps Guide

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A catering business is a business that is currently very much in demand. Moreover, the catering business is the best way to channel cooking talent into money with little capital and big income. If you keen on running a similar business, you should know how to start a catering business.

Another reason the catering business is in great demand is that this business is definitely needed by many people. Because food is one of the basic needs of the people. Let’s know more about the 5 steps on how to start a catering business by reading the article below:

1.     Determine The Type of Catering

There are 4 types of catering that you can choose. The 4 types of catering are office catering, big event catering, special catering for children, and home catering. You can think first which is suitable for your ability and your capital.

This is because different types of catering certainly have different preparations as well. Therefore, you must be able to determine the type of catering business that you will run. So, you will more easily prepare your catering business.

2.     Choose the Name of Your Catering Business Brand

Your catering business brand name has an important role in your catering business. This is because consumers will always remember this name.

You can give your catering business brand name that is easy to remember. In addition, you can also consider the uniqueness, philosophy, and also the historical value it has.

3.     Find Cheap and Quality Suppliers

The next challenge for those of you who want to start a catering business is finding a cheap food supplier. Without it, the financial management of your catering business will be more difficult. Therefore, start listing the number of cheap food suppliers.

Make sure the price is cheaper than in the public market. In addition, even though the price is cheap, you must ensure that the food ingredients have good quality. It is because they affect the freshness of the food.

4.     Prepare Capital For Your Catering Business

How to start a catering business is you should prepare capital. This is because the catering business requires a lot of capital, ranging from money, mentality, and energy. The greater your money capital, the greater the profit you will get.

This is because, with greater capital, you will get more quantities of food ingredients that affect the number of orders. You also need to have a strong mentality and energy. This will be useful if one time one of your customers gives a complaint about the taste of your food.

5.     Do Effective Promotions

Besides you have to be a cooking expert, you also have to do effective promotions. It’s useless if you are very good at cooking but you don’t promote your catering business.

Therefore, start to think of a promotional strategy that you will do. You can do promotions through word of mouth, using social media, or websites. If you do promotion on social media, make sure you have a fast response.

Those are 5 steps on how to start a catering business that you should know. Do not forget to continue to maintain the freshness of food. The fresher your food is, the more quality your catering business will be.


Here Are 5 Differences Between Business Card vs Calling Card

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In the business world, you are certainly important to have two types of identity cards. The cards that you must have are business cards and calling cards. If you want to know the contrast between business card vs calling card, you have to read this article.

Not many people know that those two cards have differences. However, the two cards can build a bond of business relationships with many people. Moreover, both of these cards can also be your media to promote yourself. Here are the contrasts between business card vs calling card:

1.     Definition

A business card is a card that is usually used for business and contains personal information about you. However, this business card does not usually have to be shared by you. This is because this business card aims to sell the business that is on this business card.

Meanwhile. calling cards are more personal than business cards. Therefore, calling cards are usually cards that you can use to interact privately with others. If you share a calling card with someone, it means that you specifically introduce yourself personally, not your business.

2.     Functions

The function of a business card is as a medium to introduce your business to others. In addition, the function of a business card is also a business promotion media that you can share with your customers. Therefore, you must maximize the use of business cards to function optimally.

A calling card serves to introduce your identity to other people. Therefore, this calling card usually functions for media interaction with other people. Therefore the most prominent difference between business card vs calling card is its function.

3.     Purposes

After you distribute your business card, you certainly expect a response from other people. The response is, of course, related to the business that you are running. This is because your business card contains an identity about your business.

As you know before if the function of the calling card is to introduce yourself. Therefore, this card does not promote anything but yourself. However, there are few opportunities that lead to cooperation after you give your calling card to someone else.

4.     Contents

A business card contains a lot of contact information. For examples are the company name, company address, company telephone number and company email address. Therefore, you can also refer to this card as a business card because it contains contact information related to the business.

Usually, you will share the calling card for personal use. Therefore, the calling card only contains your name, contact number, and email. But there are also some people who give a note on this card.

5.     Card Designs

You usually use this card for business purposes. So, you must make sure all fonts on this card are clear and easy to read. In addition, the design of this card must look professional. In addition, you can also add several design elements related to your business.

The design of a calling card is certainly very simple because there is no company logo or business logo in it. Then, you can use typography to make your calling card attractive. Or, you can also choose a font style that shows your personal character.

Those are the contrast between business card vs calling card. Once you know the difference, you are expected not to use it wrongly. Then, you can achieve your goals if you choose the right card.


Unique Food Business Ideas in Indonesia

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Food business is one of the businesses that have a big profit. People’s interests in culinary are keeping increasing. That is why starting a food business is quite promising. However, not all food business survives. Some of them go broke. The reasons might because of the wrong management. But it is often because the food is less interesting in the market. Users should be more creative with their food business ideas.

Nowadays, people are not just seeking for delicious foods. People are also finding unique foods to consume and to update it on social media as content. It could be the menu, the serving or the concept as well. For those who are planning to start a food business, make sure the food menu is uncommon in the market. To help out, here are some unique food business ideas that users could consider as an option:

1. The Juicy yet Crunchy Fried Watermelon

People usually eat watermelon for dessert. However, watermelon could be a unique menu. The process is simple and does not need much time or money as well. Try to sell a fried watermelon, with many varieties of jam on it. To make it yummier, provide some delicious toppings. It could be chocolate granules, sprinkles, or a cherry. It is juicy while crunchy at the same!

2. The Tasty Burger Ramen

The next unique food business ideas that users could choose is Burger Ramen. Ever thought using ramen as the buns of a burger? Now that is quite creative. Eating ramen is already tempting, moreover eating it as a burger. Slurp. The calories of bread buns and ramen are slightly different. However, it would taste tastier and of course more delicious.

3. The Hot Spicy Seblak

For culinary lovers, it is hard to avoid eating spicy foods. One of the favorite menus is seblak. This food was first popular in Bandung and keeps on spreading to other areas. The tasty and spicy taste from the flavoring would make people difficult to stop eating. Even though it is easy to make but people often choose buying than cooking.

4. The Traditional Steak Tempe

Another menu that people could use is Steak Tempe. Rather than using meat as the ingredients, choose tempe. The taste is no less delicious with the meat one. Moreover, for those who are on a diet, this menu is more suitable. The food business ideas are to combine traditional and modern food, with a friendly price.

5. Brownies Frozen Stick

Brownies are usually in a square or circle shape. The brownie’s texture is soft and chewy. However, try to make brownies differently.  One of the ideas is brownies frozen sticks. People could eat brownies with an unusual sensation. The brownies are cold and solid like ice cream. But after biting it, it would be chewy and easy to eat.

The more creative and unique food business ideas are, the more interesting it would be. However, do not forget to pay attention to the taste and quality. Above all, add a great promotion to blast the business.